Medical Resident Program

For medical residents, the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) includes an annual grant of $45,000, a monthly stipend of more than $2,300, reimbursement for required books, equipment and supplies and payment of any required tuition.

Application Process Checklist

  • Get accepted to a civilian residency program.

  • Determine if you are eligible to join the Military.

  • Contact a recruiter to apply.

  • Your recruiter will schedule a preliminary interview.

  • Your recruiter will schedule a physical examination for you via a Military Entrance Processing Station or the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board.


What to Expect in Your Residency

As a resident in FAP, you will be a member of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). While in the IRR, you do not wear a uniform and you will not be pulled away from medical training for deployments. In exchange, you will need to participate in one 14-day annual training period for every year you spend in the program. During your annual training, you will be considered an active-duty officer, and you will receive pay and benefits equal to those of a captain in the Army.

Day in the life

John Trentini shows the fast-paced nature of emergency medicine during his shift at a civilian hospital.

Service Commitment

When you are finished with your residency, you will receive military orientation and serve as an active-duty physician in your field of specialty. The active-duty service obligation for FAP is two years for the first year and then year for year thereafter.