Medical Specialties + Roles


One of the best benefits of the Army for physicians is variety, not only in specialties but in roles as well. This list is just a sample of the opportunities available.

Please note that this list only includes specialties service members can train for in the active-duty Army or Reserve components, not actual openings. All specialties are welcome, but openings change frequently based on need. For the latest availability, we recommend speaking with a recruiter.

Medical Corps

60C Preventive Medicine

60F Pulmonary Disease/Critical Care

60J Obstetrician and Gynecologist

60K Urologist

60N Anesthesiologist

60P Pediatrician

60S Ophthalmologist

60T Otolaryngologist

60W Psychiatrist

61F Internal Medicine

61G Infectious Disease Officer

61H Family Medicine

61J General Surgeon

61K Thoracic Surgeon

61M Orthopedic Surgeon

61R Diagnostic Radiologist

61U Pathologist

61Z Neurosurgeon

62A Emergency Medicine


Dental Corps

63A General Dentist

63D Periodontist

63F Prosthodontist 

63N Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon


Veterinary Corps

64A General Veterinarian


Specialist Corps

65A Occupational Therapist

65B Physical Therapy Students (PT Baylor)

65B Physical Therapist

65C Dietetic Students (GPN)

65C Dietitian

65D Physician Assistant

65D Physician Asst Student


Army Nurse Corps

66F Nurse Anest

66B Comm/ Pub Health Nurse

66C Psych/Mental Health Nurse

66E Perioperative Nurse

66H Med/Surg Nurse (two or more years exp)

66H Med/Surg Nurse (Less than 2 years Exp)

66P Family Nurse Practitioner

66R Psych Nurse Practitioner

66S Critical Care Nurse

66T Emerg. Room/Trauma Nurse

66W Midwife Nurse


Medical Service Corps

67E Pharmacy Officer

67F Optometrist

67G Podiatrist (PSR)

67G Podiatrist

70B Health Care Administrative Assistant

70D Health Services Systems Manager (IMO)

71A Microbio/Parasito/Immunologist (MA)

71A Microbio/Parasito/Immunologist (PhD)

71B Biochemist

71E Clinical Lab Officer

71F Research Psychologist

72A Nuclear Med Sci Officer

72B Entomologist

72C Audiologist (AEP or Fully Qual)

72D Environmental Science BS/MS Degree

72DN4 Environmental Engineer

73A Social Worker

73B Clinical Psychologist