Aspiring Army physicians must distinguish themselves mentally and physically and always push themselves to be the best. Find out what it takes to be an Army doctor.

The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) offers two-, three- and four-year military scholarships for all students. It covers civilian-medical-school tuition and includes a monthly stipend and signing bonus.

For residents, the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) includes an annual grant of $45,000, a monthly stipend of over $2,000, reimbursement for required books, equipment and supplies and payment of any required tuition.

Medical students and residents can gain invaluable experience and benefits by serving part time in the Reserve component of the Army. They can also participate in various stipend programs and trainings.

Licensed physicians can serve in the Army either full or part time and even receive a signing bonus. The Army provides the requisite tools to practice a specialty and spend time with patients without worrying about the overheads.

Joining + Eligibility

The Army offers several entry points for physicians and aspiring physicians alike. At whatever stage you join, you will benefit from exclusive training, financial assistance and the unique experiences that come from working with the Military's exceptional patient population. Discover how the Army can help you achieve your goals.