Careers + Benefits


Serving as a medical professional in the Army offers numerous benefits. Although some of the most rewarding parts of service are intangible, the Military offers physicians a competitive salary and excellent benefits.

Physicians in the Army have the opportunity to work in unique places with a wide variety of patients. And, unlike their civilian peers, have the fortune to practice medicine without being bogged down by red tape.

The Army provides a number of incentives and benefits to its medics, including student loan repayment, supplemental allowance plus insurance and even special pay entitlements in some cases.

The Army offers extensive opportunities and specialties. Army physicians can find varied career paths while serving—you can be a doctor, a soldier, a researcher and even a humanitarian-aid provider.

Army physicians not only take care of their peers but also service membersʼ families and civilians. Besides attending to medical needs on base, the doctors also play an important role in humanitarian operations worldwide.